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I'm very excited to announce we are now a Cub Cadet dealer! 2 years and 5 months in business. I had many manufactures to choose from. We chose Cub Cadet because of the quality of the machines and because they are made in America. While the majority of the competition choose to go over seas, Cub Cadet stayed home. Made in America is important for a couple reasons. #1 quality is job 1 in America. I believe America makes the best machines. #2 The machines were designed to be serviced. These machines were designed to be serviced down the road. The parts are easy to find and relatively inexpensive.#3 Cub Cadet has extensive training. It took me 4 weeks to get my master commercial technician certification. When a new product is released a 3D interactive training module follows. I learned a lot! In December me and my staff our off to EFI trainning. It is our job to bring your machine back to the way it was when it left the factory. We service all makes and models. This is now the mind set for all machines we service. Hi quality is why we have had success where others failed. It's no longer about being the cheapest, it's about being the best. I called every competitor and asked for prices to ensure we are a couple bucks under them for service. More important , Our quality control list is more through then our competition. Every machine that leaves our shop has my name on it! We are currently a MTD,Cub Cade, .Kohler, Briggs@Stratton,Kawasaki and Powersmart,Amerisun dealer and a couple more.

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